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  • Look Younger with Dental Implants
    Missing teeth affect more than just the appearance of your smile--they also can make you look older than your chronological age. A dental implant is an artificial tooth root (typically Read more
  • Why You Still Need a Dentist after Tooth Loss
    Even if all your natural teeth are gone, it’s important you see your dentist every 6 months to prevent gum disease, oral cancer, and other issues.   Dentist appointments need to continue Read more
  • How to Remove Plaque from Teeth
    Plaque is an invisible film of bacteria that sticks to teeth. Not only does dental plaque feed on sugar, but it erodes tooth enamel and increases your risk for tooth Read more
  • 5 Facts about Your Sports Mouth Guard
    Playing a contact sport increases your risk of needing broken tooth repair or even tooth replacement. If you play a contact sport, you'll want to let your dentist know as Read more
  • Your Guide to Dentures: Cost, Types & Care
    Your Guide to Dentures: Cost, Types & Care                                               Missing teeth can Read more
  • Do I Need a Crown or Filling?
    Crowns and tooth fillings are both effective dental treatments, but which one is a better choice?                    Well, it depends. Each treatment has its Read more
  • 6 Reasons to Choose Invisalign over Braces
    Some people aren't aware of the new alternative to braces for getting perfectly straight teeth. Invisalign is a cutting-edge technology that uses clear aligners to fix crowding, bite imperfections, and Read more
  • 5 Tips for First-Time Denture Wearers
    When someone has lost their teeth after an injury or illness, it can be hard to feel confident while wearing dentures. Living with dentures is a major adjustment that gets Read more
  • Dental Crowns: Uses, Procedure, and Cost
    Like the name suggests, dental crowns cover the entire visible portion of your tooth above the gum line. In other words, they “crown” the top of your teeth. Crowns can Read more
  • Regain Confidence with Cosmetic Dentistry
    Do you ever feel self-conscious about your teeth to the extent you try to hide your smile? If this describes you, we encourage you to talk to your dentist about Read more
  • Types of Dental Bridges and Their Benefits
    Missing teeth can take a toll on our self-esteem and our oral health. If you are tired of living with gaps between teeth, you may want to consider a dental Read more
  • Eliminate Your Fear of the Dentist
    While people often joke about being afraid of the dentist, for many individuals, dental anxiety is nothing to laugh about. The effects of dental phobias range from feeling mildly nervous Read more
  • What Happens During a Teeth Cleaning?
    When was the last time you sat in the dentist’s chair? Bi-annual teeth cleanings are important for safeguarding your oral health, but are you aware of everything that happens during Read more
  • The Benefits of Regular Dental Visits
    Visiting your dentist regularly and having your teeth professionally cleaned makes a drastic difference in your overall health. A clean mouth not only reduces cavities, but also can greatly improve the Read more
  • Three Signs You Need Dental Implants
    Anyone missing a tooth or several teeth is a strong candidate for dental implants, which can offer a permanent solution to the problems of tooth decay and missing teeth — Read more
  • The Benefits of Porcelain Veneers
    Most of us consider smiling, talking and eating to be simple tasks. However, when you have missing, cracked or gapped teeth, these simple everyday things become embarrassing, frustrating and burdensome. Thankfully, Read more

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